Sequestration Meal #94

This is the sort of meal I call "vegan Hamburger Helper." This one is a sort of Mexican-themed one (or Tex-Mex). I have the macaroni noodles and leftover nacho cheese sauce, beef-style TVP via my usual recipe for such things, the end of a can of tomatoes, and some sauteed onions and peppers.

This was really good, though it made me realize how low on TVP I am. I didn't always have intense anxiety about running low on things like TVP, which were always abundant. A lesson in gratefulness, perhaps. I think I'll be able to get it again but it's not so easy anymore!


  1. I just had to throw out a whole bunch of TVP the other day in a failed meatball recipe attempt, which made me sad. Normally I get it from the Asian grocery or a vegan store, though thankfully now it is becoming more common in grocery stores so I can order it online if I need it.

    1. In the time it took between when I posted this and now, I realized I could order it from, so I am much more confident of my supply now!

  2. Vegan "hamburger helper" is the best!


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