Sequestration Meal #95

Onigirazu again--what can I say, it's almost as easy as a sandwich and easier to deal with in the summer than baking bread would be--and some cornichons I found hanging out at the back of my fridge. The onigirazu filling is tofu eggless salad, cucumbers, lettuce, and tomato.

I realized this was supposed to be VeganMoFo, which seems to be defunct now. It is weird to not have everyone blogging together this year.


  1. Oh, MoFo. I haven't heard them announce anything for it this year. Maybe they are working on something for later. I remember it was in October one year.

    1. The domain seems to have expired; I haven't been able to access their website in months. Alas.

    2. Oh. :(

      I'll ask Emma, she used to help organise it.

  2. For some reason, I thought Vegan MoFo was going to be in August? But that's when it was last year, and they'd been moving it forward a month each year, so yeah, it should've been July this time. Huh. :/

  3. I checked with Emma, MoFo is a no go this year it seems. The website has expired, and the other organisers aren't contactable at the moment. Too much for one person alone, especially with having to sort out a whole new website. So we shall MoFo in our hearts.


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