Sequestration Meal #89

I wasn't really into cooking, but I wanted something savory. I chopped a Daiya cheddar slice into very fine shreds and mixed it up with some red onion and Vegenaise (reminiscent of a cheese spread I used to make of of Jarlsberg) and served it with some gluten free flax crackers. This was obviously not enough food, but it was a nice beginning. I really liked this cheese spread, but when I tried something similar with shreds it wasn't as good, so apparently there is something in the shreds that ruins it. Just chop up your own cheese, I guess? Anyway, I had that as a kind of appetizer.

So I had this dessert, which I photographed after the sun went down so the photo is not that great. It was this gluten free chocolate chip pumpkin bread, but made with almond flour as indicated was a possible substitute. It unfortunately never really set, but it made for a nice sort of bread crumb pudding texture. I put some coconut milk ice cream on top and called it a day. I figured that with that much almond flour in it, and the fruit and veggies (pumpkin and banana in the bread; onions in the cheese dip), and the flax and other seeds in the crackers, I was probably rounding out about as well as a lot of my other meals. (And there is always tomorrow.)


  1. I think you did a good job of looking after yourself! There are so many nutritents to be found outside of the standard 'portion your plate' mindset. And a pudding bread thing sounds pretty nice, even if it does set.

    1. Pudding bread--kind of like a not-so-sweet lava cake, perhaps?


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