10 Vegan Breakfast Ideas (Compilation #11)

Ah, breakfast. The meal that's been most changed for me in isolation and the one that still inspires new horizons.

1. Dutch Baby with Raspberries

A Dutch Baby is a type of baked pancake that is decidedly not vegan. But there is a vegan recipe for Dutch Baby with Raspberries at Spoonful of Kindness I wanted to try. I have a tip for you, now that I have made it: Let it sit for a while after it's baked to set, or else you will end up with a gooey mess. But if you do let it sit and it slices up for you like what you see here, it could be a really nice change of pace. The texture is more custard-like than a traditional pancake.

2. Tofu Scramble Enchiladas

Though I do gravitate more toward quick sweet breakfasts than slow and savory, there are times something more substantial is warranted. You can eat tofu scramble any time of day, of course, but they're really a nice twist on the typical tofu scramble with toast for breakfast.

3. Scones with Lemon Curd and Clotted Cream

I found the easiest vegan scones recipe imaginable at The Miniature Moose Co. I proceeded to attempt vegan lemon curd (Minimalist Baker) and vegan clotted cream (Wallflower Kitchen) to go with them. Though the lemon curd's only resemblance to what I remember about lemon curd was that it had lemons in it, and the clotted cream seemed more like cream cheese frosting, they went well together, and they were even better paired with some strawberry jam.

4. Flourless Strawberry Pancakes with Peanut Butter Syrup (Gluten Free)

I found a recipe for Flourless Strawberry Pancakes at Feel Good Foodie, which turned out beautifully. Topped with some peanut butter syrup, they made for a substantial breakfast, and the leftovers were easy to reheat. I had these for breakfast for several days! Obviously they're prettier if you garnish them with fresh fruit, but all my fruit went in the pancakes.

5. Graham Crackers with Chocolate Spread and Strawberries

I had to go back and check to be sure I hadn't shown this to you before, because it's actually one of my favorite easy breakfasts--and one I was apparently in a rush to eat because I didn't bother to get the angles lined up the way they should have been! I spread a chocolate spread that some friends had sent me from England (not the usual Nutella-style kind--it's made of apples, not hazelnuts) on graham crackers, but you could use a hazelnut based one, too. I then topped it with sliced strawberries and some coconut flakes.

6. Coconut Cream of Rice (Gluten Free)

I shared a recipe for coconut cream of rice a while ago. It's warm and soothing, but also pretty quick and easy to make. Don't let me be the only fan of cream of rice!

7. Cinnamon Apple Toast

When I had some homemade bread, I had to try veganizing this recipe for cinnamon apple toast. It's really easy, and ideal with a thick slice of my vegan sandwich bread. If you use a store bought bread, just be sure the slices are really thick--you need them to be thick to hold up. This is remarkably like having apple pie for breakfast without the need to bake a pie.

8. Pumpkin Coconut Smoothie (Gluten Free)

Speaking of pie-themed breakfasts, this pumpkin coconut smoothie, which I made based on a recipe at Cook Eat Paleo, was like having pumpkin pie in smoothie form (only so much better than that sounds like it would be). I used light coconut milk rather than the full-fat kind, and had this lighter breakfast on a morning food sounded impossible. I wished I had some coconut whipped topping for it, because that is all that is missing here.

9. Tahini Maple Protein Oats (Gluten Free)

A while ago I found a recipe for tahini maple protein oats at Two Raspberries. It came at just the right time! I was really ready for a protein-heavy breakfast but not in the mood for something too savory. This oatmeal, topped with strawberries, blackberries, a sweet tahini-maple drizzle, and some hemp seeds, really hit the spot.

10. Strawberry Silken Tofu Pudding (Gluten Free)

Because I have been able to start getting grocery delivery from a semi-nearby grocery store these days, I am able to get things like refrigerated silken tofu and frozen strawberries. So I deliberately bought the ingredients for strawberry silken tofu pudding when I saw the recipe at Morning Delicious. It's delightful! Just as it says, it's like yogurt without any of the tartness. I didn't have any fresh strawberries for the topping on this morning, so I added fresh raspberries, blackberries, and sliced banana along with my soy cream swirl. If you're not a yogurt person, or you can't get yogurt, or you just want a lot more protein than non-dairy yogurt tends to have, this is an excellent substitute.


  1. I love your breakfast round ups! The Tahini Maple Protein Oats are definitely calling to me.

    1. It was pretty good! I think my favorite this time is the cinnamon apple toast. It's too hot for me to be baking bread but I look forward to having those again sometime.

  2. I loved cream of wheat as a kid with butter and salt.. but the apple toast looks so good, can't wait to try! Thanks for more ideas, nice to see different options.

    1. I haven't had cream of wheat in such a long time! I should have some soon.

  3. The tofu scramble enchiladas sound fun, and I'll have to try the cinnamon apple toast sometime!


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