Sequestration Meal #107

I thought about saving this for a "Refusing to Cook" style post, but chose not to. I finally caved and ordered a case of my favorite ramen, Gefen's imitation chicken flavor. It's one of those things that doesn't set out to be vegan but is.

I usually eat it in some variation of this, draining the water, adding some margarine and the seasoning packet, and then throwing on some sliced scallions if I'm feeling fancy. Some days, the most effort I want is that, but of all the easy meals I know of, ramen is always my favorite even though I know it's probably the least nutritionally useful. I strike a balance elsewhere, though, and I'm happy to enjoy this every so often.


  1. Ramen is so perfect for an easy meal when you don't have energy, and fun to doctor up when you do!

    1. I've eaten perhaps a bit too much ramen in my life, but sometimes it's exactly what I need.


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