Sequestration Meal #96

With the rice I'd cooked and the tofu I'd opened, I made a kind of what I think is called a "Buddha bowl"-type meal. I have rice with shiso furikake, a kind of Asian-style cucumber tomato salad, and some of my marinated tofu. (It was accidentally quite a similar meal to the packed lunch in the linked post with the recipe!)

This was a good meal for a really hot day when being at the stove or turning on an oven was beyond me, and fortunately I'd already cooked the rice. But I could do that in a rice cooker, too, and it would work out really well for a hot day even if I'd started from square one.

I don't know if I've shown you the shiso furikake before. I have no idea how to describe the taste, but I love it. It's somehow herb-like and pungent and tart and sort of salty. And also, it is such a lovely shade of dark purple. It would make lovely onigiri, if I ever make onigiri. (I should make onigiri.)


  1. I have had furikake before, it is lovely, but I don't think I have had shiso furikake. I love bowls like this.

    1. It's so similar to my bentos, but I never go into bowls to eat at home, rather than packed lunches. But such is life now.


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