Sequestration Meal #97

I was suddenly in the mood for a spinach salad with strawberries, and wanted to make it a main dish. I ended up veganizing this recipe at Foodie Crush. It's a strawberry-spinach salad with avocado, red onion, sliced almonds, Violife feta, and a sliced Wegmans Don't Be Chicken patty with a tarragon vinaigrette. I used dried tarragon rather than the fresh the original recipe requested, because it's what I had. I liked it. I really don't get enough opportunities to put tarragon in things.


  1. I rarely if ever use tarragon, but I always enjoy it when I do. It is an underappreciated herb.

    1. It also instantly makes you seem so fancy. "Tarragon vinaigrette" sounds like it belongs on the menu of a snobby cafe.


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