10 Vegan Breakfast Ideas (Compilation #16)

There are a lot of bananas here, because I either have all the bananas or no bananas. Such is the nature of quarantine banana delivery. But I think my uses of the bananas are different enough that it doesn't really make it a parade of bananas, and there are plenty of non-banana things here, too. In fact, most of these breakfasts do not include bananas, which I consider a kind of a victory.

1. JUST Folded Egg, Veggie Sausage, and Non-Dairy Cheese on an English Muffin

An excellent savory breakfast that packs a protein punch: An English muffin, a JUST folded egg, some Wegmans Don't Be Piggy breakfast sausage, and a slice of Chao non-dairy cheese. Yes, I showed you this exact same sandwich with Yves veggie ham last time around. I'm just blown away by how much this tastes and feels like the kind of thing you can get in a McDonald's drive through.

2. Biscuit Bread Pudding with Raspberries and White Chocolate

I know, I know. I tilt toward decadence. But sometimes you need to, and biscuits are, after all, classic breakfast fare! Why not have them in pudding form? Warm with a little maple syrup and a splash of soy creamer, I loved having this in the morning with my tea. Here's my recipe.

3. Blueberry-Banana Pancakes

I found this vegan recipe on Food with Feeling, which is not a vegan blog, so I was especially intrigued (while also amused by both the way she and the commenters wrote about it, like a vegan recipe was weird and mysterious). I had some trouble with the blueberries bursting and leaving trails of blueberry juice on the surface of the pancakes, but that doesn't affect the taste, and honestly they look kind of interesting that way, too. Here was yet another way for me to use my endless supply of bananas!

4. Chickpea Scramble Avocado Toast

I had some leftover chickpea scramble from the recipe from Darn Good Veggies, so I turned it into some pretty avocado toast. I toasted some sandwich bread, then spread it with some margarine. The warmed chickpea scramble went on top, and then some sliced avocado with salt and pepper. This toast is a knife-and-fork kind, savory and satisfying.

5. Banana Bread Bliss Balls (Gluten Free)

For a breakfast I could make the night before and use up some bananas that I didn't want to freeze, I was happy to find these Banana Bread Bliss Balls from PlantYou. I can't say they were anything like banana bread--I don't put melted chocolate in my banana bread, though perhaps I should--but they were good and quite a bit different than the usual balls I make out of oats, peanut butter, maple syrup, and various other things. (Plus they used up my extra bananas.)

6. Vanilla Coconut Chia Pudding (Gluten Free)

Wanting to make the most of my white chia seeds (which are really more like brown chia seeds, but in any case they aren't black and they're sold as "white chia seeds"), I found a recipe for a blended vanilla coconut chia pudding at My Plant Based Family. It had the added bonus of being a good make-ahead recipe like any other chia pudding, and I've been trying to do more prep work in the kitchen at night. I had some coconut whipped topping left from Thanksgiving so I also thought this was a great place to put it! This was really satisfying. I will say it isn't as smooth as the blended chia puddings I've made before, probably because the shredded coconut didn't get fully broken down, but that may just be user error. Yes, it looks a bit like a pot of brown goo, but I like a lot of brown things, so hey.

7. Mango Tahini Toast

I don't typically put more than one of a similar kind of thing in these breakfast compilations, but this is a far enough cry from the other toast in this round up that I thought I could get away with it. (And since I'm the one calling the shots, I let myself!) I had some mango that needed eating and I wanted to do something new with it so I found this recipe from HummuSapien. It sounded good, my neighbor had fresh mint to share, and I had all the other ingredients so it was a no-brainer. I found this truly delightful. Tahini went remarkably well with the mango.

8. Banana-Persimmon Smoothie Bowl (Gluten Free)

Fuyu persimmons are amazing this time of year, and they lend themselves well to smoothie bowls. If I had contrasting berries, this would be more beautiful, but it was kind of pretty anyway. I blended some frozen banana with a persimmon and a bit of non-dairy yogurt and put the result in a bowl. I topped it with quarter-moons of persimmon, a line of yogurt, and some chia seeds. I absolutely love persimmons! On a day when I had almost no appetite, this really hit the spot.

9. Leftover Green Bean Casserole Chickpea Flour Frittata

While I will grant you this is not commonly a thing you'll have around unless you make tons of green bean casseroles, it is still worth considering and you could find your own leftover veggie dishes might make good frittatas, too. Mine isn't gluten free because of the flour in the sauce for the green bean casserole but it otherwise would be. I baked this up for lunch one day but the leftovers were great for breakfast. Have it with toast, avocado, and sliced tomatoes to round it all out for a leisurely weekend meal.

10. Baked Pumpkin Oatmeal (Gluten Free)

It's cold again. I spend a lot of time under my electric blanket and dreaming of casseroles. So sometimes I've got to have something that requires the oven in the mornings. This is why I'm trying to get back into baked oatmeal. This is the recipe from Eating Bird Food, but cut in half and baked in a loaf pan. I ate it three mornings in a row, warm with a drizzle of maple syrup. I'm looking forward to making other ventures into the world of baked oatmeal.


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