Sequestration Meal #202


This may be one of my fanciest raid-the-fridge salads, since I had to plan ahead a bit for it and bake tofu croutons the night before. This consists of massaged kale, some pink beans I had in the fridge, avocado, tofu croutons, diced tomato, and pickled onions. I made a lemon-garlic-tahini dressing to pour over the top and photographed it as a composed salad, looking all pretty and healthy.

I am not a fan of raw kale. I keep telling myself and not listening to myself, thinking if I massage it more I'll be happier about it; I am not happier. I massaged this kale with lemon juice and olive oil and I was hopeful. It was edible, but I would prefer this with some other greens next time.

It's okay! We live and we learn. I can deal with a bit of kale in my smoothies and that's good, too. I had this meal with Zoom company. My friend suggested the pickled onions while she watched me make the salad. I never think to put pickled onions in my salads even though they're just hanging out in the fridge, but they were a nice addition. (Also, I should do more Zoom cooking. It was nice!)

And those tofu croutons! Amazing! They will be part of my life in the future. So despite the kale, I still give this a high score.


  1. Everything is better with pickled onions. Which reminds me, it's time to make some more...


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