Sequestration Meal #203


In the corners of the internet I have visited in isolation, there has been a lot of controversy over egg fried rice. If you don't know, Google "BBC Egg Fried Rice" and "Uncle Roger." You will fall down a gloriously entertaining rabbit hole that makes me somewhat glad I don't actually eat eggs, so as not to be criticized about my technique by Uncle Roger.

Of course, I am vegan (which Uncle Roger would disapprove of, probably), but I figured I could make some egg fried rice with JUST Egg Scramble, since I had opened a bottle for the tomato-egg stir fry you saw recently. The JUST egg is much softer and fluffier than the kind of egg I usually would have encountered with egg fried rice, and had a tendency to make these big curds, all of which is lovely in some applications but wasn't necessarily what I was going for. It doesn't matter, really, though. It was a good meal.

In terms of what else was in it, I very loosely followed an online recipe that suggested things I'd not tried before, which may cause Uncle Roger's wrath; who knows. The fat used here was butter (Earth Balance, the thing most likely to incur the wrath of Uncle Roger other than vegan eggs, and the new-to-me thing that was suggested in the recipe); the veggies were carrots, onions, peas, and scallions; the seasonings included soy sauce, (vegan) oyster sauce, and sesame oil; and I topped the whole thing with sesame seeds and seasoned laver. This ended up a bit greasy and I probably could have made a bit more to have as leftovers with the last of my frighteningly spicy frozen dumplings. I also think I prefer my rice to be fried in plain canola or peanut oil. But it was good!

Of course, I wouldn't please Uncle Roger in the first place, since he seems suspicious of vegan food. But at least I cooked my rice properly and I didn't do anything really weird like put in chili jam. For that, he may yet forgive me.


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