Sequestration Meal #182


Some Gardein fishless filets and some dinner rolls that someone gave to me became my inspiration to make sliders. I had them with homemade tartar sauce, lettuce, tomato, and Good Planet non-dairy cheddar. Tater tots and ketchup finished off the meal.

Sliders are fun, but these were messy--I piled too many things on them. Next time I'll know to have a side salad rather than trying to manage the lettuce and tomato in the tiny sandwiches!

Can you believe it's December? How is it possible that we're all But I'm glad we're somewhere, anyway!


  1. That's a fun idea using the fishless filets for sliders, but yeah, I imagine that would get messy with all the toppings, haha!

    1. You can't put tons of stuff in tiny sandwiches! Live and learn!


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