What I Ate in a Day #2 (More Leftovers)

I really liked making my previous "What I Ate in a Day" post for you, so on a day I was feeling a bit off, I decided I'd take the time to photograph all of my meals. Carrying you with me throughout the day has a way of keeping me company in isolation sometimes. You can assume, as before when I did this, that I drank a lot of tea and ice water which is not pictured.

I started the day with some leftover chickpea flour pancakes with peanut butter syrup and sliced bananas. Some of the banana slices slid off and I just added more, though I realize now I probably could have arranged the slightly more artfully. There are also banana slices in between the two pancakes, which I doubt you can see very easily, but there is a bit peeking out underneath. This was good, but I think this recipe for chickpea flour pancakes needs to be eaten right when one makes them, or otherwise they're apt to get stale very quickly.

I had some little bits of leftovers in the fridge and missed making bentos, so I made one in a small casserole dish. This was steamed rice with sesame-nori furikake, some sliced cucumbers, leftover JUST Egg tomato-egg stir fry, and leftover Mongolian "beef" (soy curls) and broccoli. This was cheery.

Not pictured, I had a bit of dark chocolate in the afternoon.

At dinner, I was out of lettuce, so I couldn't make my default burger with lettuce and tomato. I decided to make a mushroom burger instead. I sautéed mushrooms and onions while the burger was cooking, and put some Good PLANeT cheddar on top to melt a bit in the pan. I put the burger (a Pure Farmland Plant-Based patty--a full review is coming soon) with the cheese, mushrooms, and onions on a toasted bun with some Vegenaise and had sides of a dill pickle and tater tots with ketchup.

I wasn't that hungry on this day, so I didn't need an evening snack. Lunch was my best meal, probably, but all of these were good. I probably could have had a bit more fruit and more veggies wouldn't have hurt, but it wasn't bad for quarantine life.


  1. Some days I liken your food photos to fashion. Burger and tots are the t-shirt, jeans and converse vibe, the artfully arranged casserole is a black sheath dress with the hair updo. Anybody else? Just me? Okay....


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