Sequestration Meal #195


I saw this recipe for red lentil curry at Rainbow Plant Life and I was eager to try it out! I have one complaint, which is that it takes much longer than the estimated time, but otherwise, this was delightful. I have had things I liked more, but it was undoubtedly a good meal. I used just one serrano pepper with the seeds removed; I have no need for tons of spice.

Also, it got me to use some of the red lentils and basmati rice I have languishing, and by some miracle I was able to order an individual serrano pepper in my grocery delivery, but as I can't get a can of crushed tomatoes smaller than 28 ounces, I'll be making something else tomato-y soon.

Because this recipe made so much, I froze some of it to have later on, which also made me feel on top of things in a way I am surely not actually on top of things.


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