Sequestration Meal #188


I did not eat this entire thing at once, of course, but I thought it looked so good when it came out of the oven I wanted you to see it that way. 

After feeling surprisingly not excited by my Thanksgiving food and realizing I could not face another serving of green bean casserole (What? Who am I?), I went looking for ideas. I combined the suggestions from this omnivore recipe and this vegan one to make a leftover green bean casserole chickpea flour frittata. It sounds a little wild, but it was good!

I was also glad to have my oven on; it was a chilly day and having Zoom meetings in my kitchen has not been fun on chilly days. (I also have Zoom meetings in my living room and my bedroom, but I just was in the mood for the kitchen.)

Holding on to the idea that I just need to seize inspiration and use what I've got happily produced something edible. I think I'm getting more confident in my ability to do that, which is good, since it's becoming a vital life skill. It's been a while since I asked: Have you come up with any pandemic skills?


  1. The fritta sounds like it was a great way to use up your green bean casserole leftovers!


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