Recipe: Fancy Fruity Toast (Vegan)


Before any of us knows it, I will have another breakfast compilation for you, but this fun slice of toast couldn't wait! You could put something similar on an English muffin or a bagel and call it breakfast pizza, too. This is more of an idea than strictly a recipe. Substitute other berries if you like, or just use all sliced bananas, in whatever quantities make sense to you.

Fancy Fruity Toast
Serves: 1

1 slice of bread of your choice, toasted
Almond butter
Banana slices
About 1 tablespoon non-dairy chocolate hazelnut spread (avoid Justin's; it's too thick to make into a drizzle)
About 1 teaspoon plant-based milk
Cacao nibs
Hemp seeds
Chia seeds

Spread your toast with almond butter. Top with slices of banana and berries, arranged in an artistic pattern (I like stripes).

Melt your chocolate hazelnut spread in the microwave until thinned, about 30 seconds to a minute. Mix in non-dairy milk to bring it to drizzling consistency. If you want to be truly fancy with your toast, put this mixture into a small squeeze bottle with a thin nozzle, but it's also okay to just drip from above with a spoon. (You may need to thin it out more for that.)

Drizzle chocolate spread mixture over the fruit. Top with cacao nibs, hemp seeds, and chia seeds.


  1. I noticed those loopy stripes before I even read your post :). A work of edible art for sure.

    1. It's pretty much coincidental that they were loopy--but it looked nice so I went with it! For some reason the drizzle came out of my squeeze bottle that way!

  2. Oooh what a way to jazz up some toast! Love this!


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