Sequestration Meal #201


This is vegan beef and broccoli made from soy curls and based roughly on this recipe at Vegan Yumminess. It was a really simple recipe and was pretty quick to pull together. How did I ever live so many vegan years without soy curls?

This would, obviously, be beautiful in a bento. Someday, when I go back to packing lunches and leaving home (a day I hope will come soon!), I could easily see this packed away in one of my favorite bento boxes.

I feel like I should acknowledge somehow that it is Christmas Eve. I have an extended holiday from work because my employer decided to just give everybody the next week off, and that's exciting. But as for me doing anything explicitly Christmas-like, I'm not in the mood right now. I make my own rules these days, though, so it seems most likely I'd be eating my elaborate holiday meal for New Year's Day, after I have had some time and space to recover from all the stressors of the past few months. And also, perhaps, to make some new recipes, try some new breakfasts, and show off all sorts of carefully arranged meals. I don't anticipate a hiatus from Food for Dissertating.

At times, I feel wonderful in isolation, grateful for being able to work from home, grateful for how good that is for managing my symptoms, grateful for how few sick days I've had to take this year compared to last. At other times, I feel terrible. However you feel and whatever you may or may not celebrate, I wish you well, in solidarity for the sadness, the joy, and the irrational optimism that hopes for 2021 to be much, much different than 2020.


  1. I wish you well too - in solidarity with all those emotions you spoke of. I truly hope that 2021 will be a different in at least small measures.
    I wish you some measure of peace, ease and comfort.

  2. Oh, this looks so good! Soy curls are the best!
    I hope you are enjoying your time off <3

    1. It's been pretty nice! Keeping to a schedule is the key, I think.


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