Sequestration Meal #190

 Just before Thanksgiving, I put in an order with Baldor Specialty Foods along with a neighbor, so I finally got to try some Mia's Plant-Based Roasted Turkey-Style deli slices. I'll say more about it when it turns up in a review, but suffice it to say for now that they were great in a tortilla wrap with spinach and Vegenaise. For my sides, I had slices of salted-and-peppered tomato and cucumber with some Everything Bagel seasoning.

It was good and light and I even photographed it during the day (because it was lunch) so the photo was up to my standards!

For dessert, I made myself a coconut mug cake with whipped coconut topping.

Food-wise, this was a good day.


  1. I’d say that was a very good food day! How’d you make that mug cake? I’m a sucker for chocolate coconut anything.

    1. Use the recipe for my s'mores mug cake but use coconut extract instead of vanilla; top it with coconut whip instead of graham crackers, marshmallow topping, and chocolate syrup.


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