Sequestration Meal #204


This was a kind of belated Christmas dinner, and I didn't pull out every stop I could have, because I honestly didn't need Christmas Day (or the belated day--I ate this on Boxing Day) to be a major feast day, unlike Thanksgiving, which somehow, psychologically, I needed to involve some sort of major food production. However, this did involve special things.

This is Tofurky ham roast with sour cream mashed potatoes, my favorite spinach with caramelized onions (amazing and easily veganized recipe at Crunchy Creamy Sweet), and and tricolor carrots. I just steamed the carrots, which makes them less vibrant than if I'd roasted them, but they were still pretty and I was satisfied with that.

If I were really trying to make a proper Christmas meal, this would have had some sort of bread (probably crescent rolls), gravy of some kind (cream gravy goes best with ham in my opinion), and dessert (I have yet to veganize my family's infamous Striped Delight, but someday I will). But as a nice winter-vacation-at-home-while-getting-a-break-from-work meal, it was perfect.

I'd been trying to get a Tofurky ham roast since the first time I tried one, and was shocked when a friend finally managed to get one from Wegmans for me. I absolutely love this thing. Next time I have one, I will glaze it; I think that might make it even more delightful. More importantly, though, I am so excited about what the leftovers for this will become! Stay tuned.


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