A Review of New Things I Tried #13 (Chocolate Edition)

 I will never tire of chocolate. I can't imagine how anyone could!

1. Chocolove Coffee Crunch Dar Chocolate Bar

Ordering this was probably misguided, since I can't really have caffeine very often, and a full serving of this chocolate bar is the caffeine equivalent of a cup of coffee. But on the occasions I need to have the bit of caffeine I am allowed (a medicinal use about once or twice a month), I wanted something different. I can only eat one little square of this at a time, which is sad because it is so good. If you can have coffee, give this a try.

2. Unreal Chocolate Pieces with Quinoa

It's been my understanding that since I went vegan there have been a lot of new variations on M&Ms. Well, fortunately for us there are also a lot of variations on similar candies without dairy. These little bites are a really fun treat. I like quinoa in anything! They may be a bit like the M&Ms crispy chocolate candies; I don't know because I never had those. I'd definitely get these again, though!

3. Endangered Species Almonds, Sea Salt, and Dark Chocolate Bar

I love these flavors together and usually get the version of this chocolate bar made by Chocolove. The Chocolove bar is a bit softer; the Endangered Species bar has a stronger dark chocolate flavor. I like both, but I prefer to eat something with the Endangered Species bar (fruit, a cookie, etc.) rather than having it on its own, whereas I'm happy to have the Chocolove bar by itself.


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