Sequestration Meal #194


Green beans, some of Chef Jana's vegan fish fillets made from oyster mushrooms (one of my favorite things in the world), some homemade tartar sauce, and potato salad.

I had made the mushroom "fish" enough times to try just leaving them in the freezer until I was ready for them, and I am proud to say that it worked out great! So this is another make-ahead meal for me, which is why I got to have it at lunch when the lighting was good. The problem is that I ate them all and I have no leftovers. Perhaps this is not really a problem...

I'm truly proud of how I'm adjusting to the make-ahead method that works for me. Potato salad is obviously easy to make ahead, and if I prep the "fish", too, all I have to do for this meal is steam the green beans and fry the fish, which takes maybe 15 minutes at most.


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