Sequestration Meal #200


I'm not sure why I'm not using the JUST Egg Scramble as, well, just scrambled eggs, but it's been fun exploring the things I used to make with beaten eggs. Also, I don't think JUST Egg, on its own, really tastes enough like eggs. It has an uncanny valley thing about it otherwise.

So I made the recipe on the JUST Egg website for tomato and egg stir-fry. I made it just as they said, which was a bit different than the other versions of this classic Chinese dish I've had otherwise--it had a bit of sugar in it, as well as sriracha; it did not have soy sauce, rice vinegar, onions, peppers, etc. I am told the version I learned is from a specific region of China, though, where people use more condiments; it may well be the case that another region makes theirs spicy.

I added black sesame seeds because I was in the mood but otherwise made this recipe exactly as written. It was really, really good! As I said, JUST Egg didn't behave like I remember eggs behaving, not exactly. It bubbles up in ways I don't recall eggs doing (although eggs do bubble, from what I remember, just...not like that) and it ends up trying to make one big curd rather than breaking up if you push through it with the rubber spatula. But that's easy to fix; it does chop. It's also softer than I would typically have made my eggs for tomatoes and eggs, but that's not a big deal.

The point is, this was really tasty. It was a profoundly satisfying meal and it was pretty quick, too. 

The one drawback I can see from this recipe is that it says it serves 1-2; for me it made about 1.5 servings, so that's the right way to list it, but now I have half a serving of tomatoes and eggs leftover and I'll have to figure out what else to put with it. But that's not really a major flaw. It's easy enough to imagine other stuff you could put with this to eat with your rice.


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